CAHME Accredited Programs Enable Graduates To Be Prepared for Change – Post Election Thoughts

As we ponder the impact of a new administration and changes in health care policy, faculty at CAHME programs have rolled up their sleeves and continue to prepare our students with how to work through whatever change comes at them. While the election results were a surprise to many, what is not a surprise to us in healthcare is that change will occur.

Even after nearly a decade of work, the IHI Triple Aims goals of cost, patient experience (quality and satisfaction), and improving the health of populations still are elusive. If there ever was a doubt, the CMS report published by Health Affairs on December 2, 2016 showed that costs continue to be an issue; nominal US health care spending increased 5.8% and reached $3.2 trillion in 2015. Per person spending is now $9,990 per year.

Faculty and students at VCU told me why CAHME accreditation matters!

The rigor of CAHME programs helps to ensure that bright, well-trained minds will be prepared. For example, I recently visited one of our top programs, Commonwealth University, met students and faculty, and learned first-hand how students are preparing for change. Dr. Cecil Drain, Dean of the School of Allied Health Professions at Virginia Commonwealth University, Medical College of Virginia Campus, described the core principles behind VCU’s approach: “We train our students to learn that they are professionals; practitioners who are there to support the patient.” While many in the general population worry about the direction of policy, we should all feel confident that graduates of CAHME-accredited programs are prepared to lead the health care system through whatever change occurs.

CAHME standards help students be ready for change, see our recent white paper, To Be the Change: Preparing the Future Leaders of Healthcare.

Anthony Stanowski
President and CEO