CAHME’s Global Perspectives Expanding

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE

“Think Globally, Act Locally” a familiar bumper sticker reads. CAHME, however, is both thinking and acting globally as part of our strategic focus on creating global accreditation standards for healthcare management education. We established a Global Advisory Council in late 2017 to begin the work of organizing a process for global accreditation as a “backbone” of professionalism in healthcare management. We are leveraging the relationships faculty from CAHME-accredited programs already have with universities around the globe.

Interest in accreditation for programs across the world is accelerating. In addition to CAHME’s ongoing work with programs in Nairobi, Kenya, and Tblisi, Georgia, we have had discussions with programs in Thailand, India, Brazil, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, the Slovak Republic, and Grenada. 

This summer, the World Hospitals and Health Services Journal will publish an article co-authored by myself, Daniel J. West, PhD, FACHE, of the University of ScrantonBernardo Ramirez, MD, MBA, of the University of Central Florida; and Robert Hernandez, PhD, of the University of Alabama at Birmingham exploring how CAHME’s emphasis on competencies can be adopted by programs internationally. The benefits to these international programs are the same as have been seen by CAHME-accredited programs in the US and Canada for the past 50 years: to validate educational quality, to assure the relevance of management education to the healthcare profession, to help students choose a program with confidence in its content and standards, and to provide a framework for continuous improvement in the industry. I will share the article with you upon its publication. (CAHME-accredited programs can also subscribe to the journal at a special discounted price of just $150 a year. Email to learn more.) 

These same themes are highlighted in the next episode of CAHME’s Getting to 100 video series. Episode 7: Global Perspective features Sherril Gelmon, MHSc, DrPH of Portland State University and Dan West who were interviewed during CAHME’s 50th  anniversary celebration last year.

The creation of global networks among universities is not new and is reflected in such long-standing practices such as health management partnerships, study-abroad programs, or Fulbright and Rhodes Scholarships. CAHME seeks to leverage the relationships of faculty from accredited programs who want to help expand global accreditation through the CAHME Mentorship Circle (contact me if you are interested!).

The International Hospital Federation has endorsed the concept of global accreditation. IHF recognizes that more countries are becoming “players” on the global higher education stage, and that CAHME’s strategy for accrediting programs globally can advance the professional management necessary to lead increasingly complex healthcare systems. This is a difficult, but necessary, challenge, and I believe CAHME, IHF, and our partners can leverage best management practices world-wide, question established behaviors, and create a generation of leaders with the skills, knowledge, ethics, and commitment to become professionals seeking to ensure the health of communities across the globe.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO