CAHME White Paper, Training Help Programs With Benchmarking

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE

Does your program benchmark? Benchmarking provides an external standard against which to measure your program’s own outcomes and can often identify ways to improve performance. As a practice that started in the corporate world in the 1980s, benchmarking is now widely accepted as a powerful management tool across a wide range of industry sectors—including higher education.

CAHME is working to support programs that want to pursue benchmarking. We recently published, with the support of Peregrine Academics, a white paper entitled Benchmarking for Graduate Healthcare Management Education Programs: Perspectives from the Field. The white paper is available for free on our website. It explores current trends in benchmarking and profiles four CAHME-accredited programs using benchmarking to drive performance improvement. I strongly encourage you to read the white paper to learn more.

In addition to this new white paper, CAHME offers “enhanced benchmarking” as a free resource to our accredited programs.  Enhanced benchmarking is intended to help programs pursue their goals for continuous quality improvement. Our benchmarking data includes site visit report information (including self-study) and program annual report data.

During the AUPHA annual meeting in June, CAHME will host a Benchmarking Breakfast as part of our Boot Camp. During the breakfast you can learn more about how your program can take part in CAHME’s enhanced benchmarking initiative. Our goal is to have 80 percent of accredited programs signed up for enhanced benchmarking by June 30. You can register and learn more on our web site.

Benchmarking supports CAHME’s mission to advance the quality of healthcare management education. We believe benchmarking can encourage common advancement across the industry. Programs that perform well can contribute to the common advancement of graduate programs overall.  CAHME’s goal is to not just make one program better, but to make every program better.

Anthony Stanowski, DHA, FACHE
President & CEO